Refund Policy

At Kia Themes all of our Products 100% working.We offer 100% Refund If Theme Files corrupted or Theme not installable only. Refund is not possible in all other cases.

If any customer face issue in theme downloads or Package not download properly or unable to install theme ,Unable to import demo data then there can be many reason:

Package not downloaded properly – Slow Internet /File Size large & failed to download in that case contact us at live chat we will help you on this to download theme.

Style Sheet file missing – It means you installing & uploading Worng file Package then it show that only need to upload installable file only.

Demo Data not imported Successfully- Demo data successfully not import only cause of execuition time. all of hosting server default execuition time 30 sec & Theme demo imports required 600 Sec. This is not a issue its general.Contact us we  will guide how to update configuration at cpanel. If you unable to do then we will do.

Zip Extract Corupted File – If theme file size is large & cause of slow internet full file not downloads. There zip extract show error. This is not a theme issue. Its download failed & get incomplete file.

Please contact us at live Chat , email ( or create Ticket we will reply asap.

If any Product will be broken then Please request to get fix issue from us we will try to fix if we unable to fix issue & give solution  then we offer 100% refund. Refund can be valid if Theme support time will be active. Refund will be aplicable if active Support.